The Hannah Graham Memorial Award

The Hannah Graham Memorial Award

The purpose of the Hannah Graham Memorial Award is to honor the spirit and impact that we believe Hannah would have had on the University and the world had she lived. Her desire to leave the world a better place than she found it, to celebrate French language, and to go forth with joy and confidence are characteristics we hope to encourage by annually recognizing a student similarly focused and inspired. We also hope that, in accepting this award, recipients accept the responsibility to “pay it forward” by promulgating the ideals for which Hannah stood.


This award will support a year-long educational engagement related to a topic or issue relevant to promoting health and development and/or to reducing the incidence and/or severity of violence against women and girls. The engagement will include coursework or independent study during the semester preceding the field placement to prepare for research or service work in the chosen community. The field placement must be for at least eight weeks, and it is preferable that this placement occur in a French-speaking developing country (such as Rwanda or Morocco where University partnerships exist). During the semester following the field placement, the student will propose additional course work or mentored independent study to build on knowledge and skills gained during the field experience and to work to disseminate findings and consider options for sustained engagement with the host community.  The number of recipients will be determined by the funds available and the quality of the applicants; the Board may select one or more or no recipients in any given year.


During the course of the assignment, members of the Board may wish to visit with recipients on location and view their assignment in progress. Recipients will be asked to assist with any relevant planning, be available to serve as a host to the Board members at a time mutually convenient to the Board member(s), the recipient, and the host community, and provide any relevant information about the assignment.

At the end of the assignment, recipients will be asked to submit a report to the Board of the Hannah Graham Memorial Award and deliver an oral presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, the Center for Global Health Symposium, or another venue where the vision of the award and its outcomes could be showcased. These reports should include a summary of the assignment, accomplishments and achievements gained through the assignment, and an explanation of how measures taken were expected to contribute to a lasting impact on the area where it was conducted. In addition, the reports should also reflect upon mistakes made, lessons learned, and how these lessons should be incorporated into future project design.

Board members reserve the right to review and approve any marketing or publicity materials related to the Award.

These guidelines are not intended to be definitive but simply set forth the minimum expectations when accepting the Hannah Graham Memorial Award. These standards relate only to the Award and do not pertain to the University’s standards and procedures concerning enrollment.